• Research on project
  • Content strategy
  • Content Management
  • Content distribution
  • Evaluating of reports


Creating, managing and publishing content for generating engagement and spreading awareness among audience

We believe in in-depth working with lateral thought that brings excellence through our hard work. Cannon Eye understands the role of content in clients’ business and therefore, we create it engaging for spreading word of mouth for their brand. Cannon eye is considered as one of the top content marketing companies. Our aim is to engage audience and let them take action through our campaigns and survey. In short, we easily convince them to have interest towards clients’ products or services. On the basis of our working approach and strategic planning, we provide unbeaten target-oriented content marketing services in India. We execute our planning through following phases:

Research on project
  • Understating business type
  • Knowing its competitors
  • Knowing target audience
Content strategy
  • Creating content for different channels
  • Implementation through text, graphic and videos
  • Keeping eyes on competitors activities
Content distribution
  • Posting and sharing content on different channels
  • Engaging audience with attractive content
Content Management
  • To know search engines and social media channels best for the business
  • To plan content type and format according to its destination
  • Scheduling of content distribution
  • Overall audience engagement
  • To know audience interest on different channels
  • To know which content format is fetching attention
  • Planning further with this conclusion

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