How Influencer Marketing is Impactful?

Influencer Marketing image

This era of digitalization has made it easy for everyone to boost the business and branding the
product. As a two-way channel of communication, social media has evolved as an effective
medium to interact with consumers. A business-owner can promote the business along with
generating leads and sales with a well-crafted social media strategy.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing focused at driving your brand’s idea or
message to the broader market using collaboration. In simple terms, if a business wishes to
promote any product or service, it needs to collaborate with an influential person.

Who are Social Media Influencers?

Content plays more important role in creating hypes about products. The social media
influencer creates highly engaged content to cater the requirements of their audience. These
social content creators are blessed with fans and followers. The influencer takes advantage of
this high fan-following and promotes your business among them.

These focused and dedicated group of supporters on social media are usually referred as “social
media influencers.” A report suggests that – more than the half of digital marketers in UK and
US spend minimum 10% of their marketing campaign budget on influencer marketing. Another
survey states that – 34% of daily instagram users in US invested their bucks to buy something as
a recommendation by blogger or influencer.

Which Social Media Platform they Prefer?

Social influencers prefer Instagram platform more. 90% of marketers believe that Instagram is
one of the most impactful platforms of social media that helps them get the job done. Since
content appears through stories in Instagram, making it a perfect place to share and link brand

Why Influencer Marketing is Important?

However, the other channels are also important as well because nearly a quarter of daily
Facebook users and 29% of daily Twitter users made a purchase, owing on the recommendation
of blogger and influencer. The ideal influencer not only produce incredible piece of content but
also reach your potential customers and build loyalty. Conventional digital marketing is no
longer effective therefore, opting for this modern strategy could be the key for brands for the
brisk progression.