Digital way of advertising in 21 st century

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As an important aspect of marketing communication, advertising has evolved in new avtar from its
earlier techniques. Advertising communicates directly with the targeted consumers and conveys the
true essence and benefits of your brands. In its traditional forms, advertising was used to increase
the sales. Today also, it is used for generating sales, but it has extended the role in consumers’
perception. An important point before generating sales is establishing the brand’s reputation by
informing and educating the consumers in the market. It is the place where advertising plays pivotal
role today.

Advertising, undoubtedly, has changed the form in this twenty-first century and coming days are
more crucial in advertising point of view. Being two-sided marketing tactics – an art and science,
advertising, in one role, promotes its product in the target market where as a key message of
advertising is to attract the audience and encourage the buyers to purchase the product.

In the late 19 th and 20 th century advertising was in different avtar, and 21 st century is going to be
different from its previous position. The first known advertising technique was oral, spreading the
message of brand in communication. However, this method still holds the prominence as best
advertising is considered through oral message only.

In 19 th century advertising was more on newspaper and print house, where as in 20 th century the
trend and mode of advertising has also transformed from print house to visual media that includes
radio and television.

However in the 21 st century advertising trends has also changed with the introduction of internet.
The internet or we can say digital has changed everything and proved to be the game changer in the
business industry in today’s era. As we know that whole of world is today on mobile and has reach to
the digital platform, digital way of advertising through social media platform has become the need of
the hour.

Digital way of advertising includes Email-marketing, website and social media platforms and others.
The consumers are now on mobiles and we need to reach them digitally. Advertising is only the
marketing tactics that will play role for your brand in the 21 st century. Hurry up to showcase your
brand and products on digital platforms where your target consumers spend time.